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September 5, 2012
Morning Journal News


A national election is bearing down on us. How much thought are we giving this election which I believe to be the most critical since the Civil War. Are we going to do as so many do, vote the straight party line? Or have we taken the time to become aware of the problems facing this country and have decided who of the two candidates is best suited to start the process of getting us out of this terrible mess.

When Obama assumed office four years ago the country was in bad shape. We lacked a balanced budget and were laboring under a tremendous national debt.

Our new president with his shining personality and gift of speech managed to bewitch enough voters to put him in the White House. There he would draw upon his wisdom and vast experience and start this country back on the proper road to recovery.

However, in an effort to win the hearts and minds of the people our president disregarded the monetary problems that are choking this country to death and spent the first two years trying to force an unaffordable medical plan down the throats of our people when so many of us had no use for it.

While working on his health plan he found time to increase our national debt by another $4 trillion. This money was not in the treasury, so it had to be borrowed or printed. The only effect this unprecedented move had on our economy was to increase the already massive amount of interest we were paying and add to the inflation.

The critical question before us now: Can we afford to allow this man to remain in the White House for another four years?

Leon White




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