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Tax plans

August 31, 2012
Morning Journal News


Almost daily I read the rich don't pay enough taxes, the rich don't carry their fair share, and the rich hide their money.

Let's be honest, the fact is death and taxes are the only things certain. It is the laws/rules that determine how much money we all pay toward our tax bill. Each and every one of us tries to max out our deductions so we pay as little as possible. It is not an individual's preference what they pay, it is big brother.

So how do you fix it? A flat tax, every one pays an equal percentage of their income. No deductions, no loopholes and guess what: no need for the IRS.

Why not the fairest tax of all, a sales tax. You don't buy, you don't pay. You buy new you pay more; you buy used you pay less. But you decide when and how much you pay. Again, big brother is no longer needed.

Lastly, we could go a long way to reducing the debt if campaign contributions to candidates, political parties and PACs were taxed. I don't care what you call it, it is income, it is wealth, and it adds up to billions, and it should be taxed.

There shouldn't be any free rides. Bring back Jim Trafficant, and beam me up Scotty.

John Hoobler

East Liverpool



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