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Guy-ed lines

August 15, 2012
Morning Journal News


Wow, more advocacies for socialism and a driven pursuit to secure a "Government Do All Take All" world.

Recently, Mr. Presutti, Mr. Straub and Mary Vandevander wrote regarding ObamaCare, regurgitating a lack of reality and fill of hyperbolic mishmash; while our liberties and freedom of choice are incrementally being stolen from us. Their strategic coming up short of the facts is very telling.

For years Medicare's and Social Security's demise has been loudly proclaimed. The automobile bailouts, craftily laced in bookkeeping houses of mirrors, haven't all been paid back. ObamaCare has already taken billions from Medicare in order to manipulate the numbers of the catastrophe lying in wait.

The Democrats controlled both houses since 2006 and in 2008 seized control of the White House. Subsequently, they partisanly ramrodded through whatever intrusive legislation they wanted. The ensuing collapse of America has been on their watch!

In November 2010 the American people said: "STOP" and elected Conservative Republicans to put the brakes on a full steam ahead toward bankrupting America!

The rescue of Medicare proposed by Republicans, leaves those 55 years and older with their current coverage well intact. Those younger are given the opportunity to control their own future in their own best interest, not some bureaucrat in Washington.

Mary Vandevander stated: "I am proud to live in a country which has a government that will take responsibility for the health care of the weak and the poor."

Hello! ObamaCare was railroaded over the American people, as nationally the majority cried out against it and the Republicans were kept out! Its mandates take from everyone with a facade of universal healthcare and will increase the number of uninsured and Medicaid dependents costing taxpayers more money.

The youth, who are trying to survive in this jobless economy, often on minimum wage, must pay a fine, enforced by the IRS, if they do not participate. This still does not buy them healthcare coverage, but instead goes into a government sludge fund.

Mr. Presutti, Mr. Straub and Mary Vandevander, along with promoting the political career of their candidate Wilson, who consistently voted for advancing socialism, present a belief and trust in a "Government Do All Take All."

The weak and the poor are the most harmed by such a world view. They are left weak and poor, subject to vulnerability, dependency and manipulation by the strong arm of government. The vehemently pursued expansion of dependency on government using the poor as political pawns is appalling.

We must secure an economy of growing local businesses that are prospering enough to hire, offer competitive benefit packages and provide a pay check enabling individual dignity and pride of achievement.

November 2012 will determine our ultimate destiny. Poverty is rising to the highest rate since the 1960s with now nearly 50% of our population receiving welfare. Instead of sighting Congressman Bill Johnson as your target, how about setting your sites on bettering the lives of Americans.

Mark E. Guy

East Palestine



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