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August 14, 2012
Morning Journal News


We are on the Titanic and about to hit the iceberg. Captain Obama has gutted the coal industry, NASA and our health care system. Our military superiority and our national defense are in serious jeopardy. We are wallowed in debt and headed for financial ruin. Much of this speaks to the intelligence of our leaders.

Obama has let political operatives like Valerie Jarett lead him around by the nose and approve deals such as Solyndra that have cost us billions of dollars with no results.

The press played a big part in having us believe that Barack Obama is a quick study. We were duped. I have it on pretty good authority that his grades at Occidental College and Columbia University were abysmal.

Liberals were determined that we have an Afro-American president and gave a false and deceitful account of his credentials. Now we are at an actual unemployment rate of over 15 percent and headed for disaster. Never again should this country be crucified on the cross of political correctness. Barack Obama is, as Gore Vidal once remarked of an inept writer, "A blinkered hedgehog in wild fox country."

Lloyd Berresford




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