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Clipped zings

August 14, 2012
Morning Journal News


The comment by Columbiana School Superintendent Don Mook following the special election - "I guess we expected better support" - shows just how out of touch with reality this man is.

People in the Columbiana School District do support the schools through both real estate taxes (sure not cheap the last time I looked at my tax bill) and school income tax. I strongly resent that this school leader doesn't appreciate the amount of money that is being paid every day we work and the percentage of our taxes that goes for the schools.

Many of our local residents haven't seen a raise in their wages for several years plus many have had to make concessions. Every time we go to the grocery store the cost is higher, utility costs continue to rise, gasoline for our vehicles is up substantially from a year ago.

The answer is pretty simple, there isn't anything left for additional taxes. We all have to make do as best we can with the budgets we have and that includes cutting many things. All the while we are making these cuts in our own living standard, the schools are still getting their piece of the pie.

Mr. Mook goes on to say, "I think we'll have to do a better job of communicating with the community." What really needs to happen is for Mr. Mook to do a better job of listening to the community. The well is dry and you need to make do with what you have.

This community has been very generous in support of the schools and the voters have spoken quite clearly. This request was defeated by more than a few votes so the school officials need to listen. We have reached the point where there is no more to give and they need to get the message.

Read the court news, rarely a day goes by without at least one foreclosure listed. I'm sure that isn't a good position to be in and that whoever is in the situation would prefer to prevent such action; however, you are saying that not enough residents support the schools.

The residents of this school district have gone more than the extra mile in support of our schools so you need to be thankful for what you already have without expecting more than what is realistic when unemployment remains in excess of 8 percent for a continued length of time and no end in sight for that to improve.

Judith Bott




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