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Bound and determined

August 3, 2012
Morning Journal News


I read something recently that caught my eye and I quote, "Politicians and babies are very much alike. They both need changing often and for the same reason."

Our founders were not in favor of people making a career from public office. When Washington was pressured to accept a third term as president, he refused and strongly opposed people making a career out of elected public office.

I don't believe it mentions in our Constitution that we should be represented by a few people. This is what is happening in Congress today. By allowing the same people to continuously regain office, we are stifling the will of the people. In a democratic republic such as ours, the opportunity to represent and govern must be available to all who qualify and wish to serve, not left to the few who manage to convince their constituencies by favors and other means no one else is capable of filling their seat.

I would like to see term limits for Congress the same as the president. Four years and the option of being re-elected four more years. Maybe the second term would be dedicated to the needs of the country rather than so much attention being applied to their re-election.

How do we manage to do this? I'm sure it would be expecting too much to ask these people to vote themselves out of office.

I can think of only one way to make this happen, that would be a nationwide petition. I believe if a petition of enough names, outlining our demands was submitted to Congress, they would have to act. There are some in Congress now who are in favor of term limits and they would help implement the changes into law.

I know what I am suggesting calls for a dramatic change in the workings of Congress, however, it is a house cleaning that's long overdue.

Leon White




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