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Civility war

July 12, 2012
Morning Journal News


It should be no surprise to anybody that the mayor of East Liverpool has been caught doing the bidding of Democrat candidate for state representative, Nick Barborak. After all, these politicos are but two peas in a pod - both of them Obama liberals, blindly supporting a big government agenda which kills jobs in favor of adding to the welfare rolls. Democrats call this "redistributing the wealth."

A self professed "hot head," East Liverpool Mayor Jim Swoger recently bragged to a newspaper reporter that he had "hung up" on state Rep. Craig Newbold and then released to Newbold's Democrat ballot opponent a recorded message that Newbold had left on the mayor's voice mail to the effect: "if you want to improve East Liverpool's jobs climate, you need to work on your negative attitude towards local businesses."

If the shoe fits, mayor - wear it. I know it is hard for liberals like you and Barborak to understand, but businesses don't have to locate (or stay) in communities that are hostile to their very existence.

Of course, what really peeved the mayor was state Rep. Newbold's proposed legislation in the Ohio General Assembly to limit the liability of county governments in civil lawsuits where the county is innocent of wrongdoing. Why would this rub Swoger wrong?

Well, his chief accomplishment as mayor is a $6 million lawsuit against the Buckeye Water District and the poor souls in southern Columbiana County that will now pay record high utility rates to satisfy this judgment a liability which was expanded by Judge Ashley Pike, in effect roping in the taxpayers of all of Columbiana County. For those that know the whole story, this case was not only a travesty of justice but an assault on the taxpayers unlike any in the history of this county.

Of course, attorney Barborak is not happy with Newbold's calls for civil lawsuit reforms because, as an attorney, he wants to preserve every opportunity for himself and his brethren trial attorneys to file similar such multi-million dollar suits against "wrong doers," just as long as they (the attorneys) get their cut.

Is this what will create a favorable jobs climate in this state and in this county? If you believe this, Mayor Swoger and his sidekick Barborak have a bridge that they don't own, but which they would gladly sell you.

David W. Johnson


County Republican Party



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