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It is right

July 7, 2012
Morning Journal News


The headline for your paper's editorial on July first grabbed my attention. It read: "Constitutionality does not make Obamacare right." Citizens elected the Congress, they passed this law, the President signed it, and the Supreme Court upheld it. Seems like the right procedure to me!

We can now build on it, change it as needed, and be thankful that we live in a society in which people choose to care for one another. Those of us who have some contact with folks who do not have medical insurance are aware of their plight. It is not those who have medical cards who are hurting. Those who are in trouble are the folks who are working in jobs where insurance is not offered to employees.

I feel guilty when I go to the doctor, because I know that so many families cannot afford such a luxury. It shouldn't be a luxury; in this day when medical science has made so many strides, all citizens should have access to the procedures and medicines they need.

I asked a store clerk who was wearing a supportive wrist band if she had carpel tunnel problems. She said she did. I assured her that the surgery was successful in my case and that she shouldn't be afraid to get it. She smiled and said that she didn't have the money to get the surgery. When I asked her how she felt about the health care for all, she thought it would be a benefit in her case. Otherwise, she just has to live with her painful condition.

When I read that you think "Obama care" is a bad idea for Americans, I say that we need to start somewhere. Let's not be swayed by business owners who control the media and others who benefit from the outrageous costs of medicines, testing, hospital care, and doctor's fees.

Your editorial says that one reason the National Health Care Law is wrong is the indirect cost. It does cost to offer health care to all. I am proud to live in a country which has a government that will take responsibility for the health care of the weak and the poor. When our loved ones are ill, there is nothing we wouldn't do to help them. Let's love one another so much that we are willing to take on this monumental task of reeling in the huge costs of health care, and offering that care to one and all. There is nothing more "right."

Mary Lee Vandevander




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