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Old Glorious

July 4, 2012
Morning Journal News


With the Fourth of July here and the 2012 Olympic games approaching, a common complaint that intrigues me is that of people wearing the American flag.

Let me introduce you to a fictional American icon, I think the name is Uncle Sam. He's been around for many years now and has always worn America's colors as a suit. Now I'm no fan to fashion, I personally believe it's foolish to follow it when it's guaranteed that those who say something is "so '80s" and they are so in fashion will turn around next year and say "that is so last year" let alone what they will say in 2020.

I'm sorry, if it looks good today it looks good tomorrow. I am a child of the '80s, to me we had the best fashion and the best music. I like big hair. I say this not to get off track but to say that most fashion changes but the American flag should always be in fashion.

Why is it that we feel we are honoring our favorite teams by wearing their colors but that it's disrespectful to wear the American flag? Should we not be honoring our flag even more than any team? Perhaps we should not wear it in a way that it looks torn and ragged but if we fly the very same on a pole, it still has that same patriotic message. I believe that even though we go through war and hard times the flag is still there.

Even when politics prove corrupt, the flag still stands for freedom and liberty. No, they can't take that away. The flag should not be crudely burned or buried because the fight for liberty is not dead but, it should be flown up high and enwrap our being.

Consider me crazy if you choose, I guess I'm just a Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Elbert Householder




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