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Citizen or subject

June 27, 2012
Morning Journal News


Many looked at the election of 2008 as an historical benchmark. Demonstrably, 2012 will be an historical hinge-pin determining the future of our country and the world.

The last three and a half years have been engulfed with upheaval, destabilization and fundamental transformation on a national and global scale. The advancement of dictatorial socialist regimes has been massive, while our country has been disabled, made obsolete and deficient. In the midst of this, is a covert operation that I would call: "How To Take Over A Country 101"

There seems to be a model being revealed as it is implemented in the global arena. It seizes the moment that is reflective of the coined phrase: "Don't let a good crisis go to waste." Whatever the resident initiators of any given crisis were or are, in any place, those in waiting seize the opportunity to overtake and fundamentally transform countries, regions and in many respects the world.

Egypt is the latest example of what seems to be an implementable game plan. Namely, seize a crisis, amplify the crisis, control the crisis and position yourself as savior. Further seal the deal by rallying the energies, aspirations and utopian dreams of the youth and place them at the forefront as a new generation of democratic enthusiasts.

The strategy of usury of the youth and those economically distressed, while all along the radical agenda of insurrection is disguised and hidden, created the stage for the world to applaud the wonderful spontaneous cries for democracy, freedom and a new world.

Once the strategy of "bait and switch" is secured and the outcome is to the radical's liking, having been clouded by hype, hysteria and the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty as a result of the promoted violence, the socialistic dictatorial now is at the forefront and in position.

As the clouds begin to clear, the unveiling of what was laying in wait and is now positioned, has left some of these same youthful enthusiasts finding themselves in bewilderment recognizing that the outcome is not democracy. Instead, it is an advancement of hard line radical rule that leads not to freedom, but inevitably, if not immediate, a suppressive government by dictatorial regimes.

In other words: "They have been duped!" But, now it is too late, the power position has been secured and the way cleared for those who seek to reign over, rather than represent, the masses, let alone the individual.

Those who were used as props at the forefront soon become those the regime must control. Questioning why? Don't you recognize that these youth are impressionable dreamers and will follow any visionary? Don't you know that the economically distressed are in a position to follow dependently anyone who will say they will rescue them?

What have we come to? Where are we going? Who will we be? Do you even know who you are anymore? Or are you waiting for someone else to define you and just waiting to be duped?

Mark E. Guy

East Palestine



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