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No cure at all

June 17, 2012
Morning Journal News


Recently, like most of your readers, I received a mailer from Bill Johnson, also known as "The Erstwhile Congressman from Ohio's Sixth Congressional District."

To put it bluntly, it was the most disingenuous piece of propaganda I have ever read. Follow this if you will.

He proposes saving Medicare by cutting off potential recipients below the age 55. How you ask? Simple, turn Medicare into a voucher system giving recipients an $8,000 voucher to be used for medical care. Apparently you could buy an insurance policy or pay your medical bills, both of which are laughable beyond belief. This is the same Bill Johnson who decries "government healthcare" but at the same time receives, generous healthcare benefits paid for by the taxpayers as a result of his military service. Of course, his mailer didn't specify his "cure" but he has voted not once but twice to voucher Medicare. In reality, none of this should come as a surprise, since history shows us that a grand total of 14 Republicans voted for Social Security and Medicare combined.

Remember what the Republicans did to the U.S. Postal Service in 2006 by changing the retirement payments, thereby costing the USPS some $5 billion a year, money they do not have. You are now beginning to see the unfortunate consequences to our mail delivery.

Simply put, they believe in "drying up the vine and the fruit will fall off." Don't let them do this to our precious Medicare and Social Security programs.

Patty Colian




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