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Scrap them

June 5, 2012
Morning Journal News


Scrap thieves recently stole the brass flag holders from the veterans' graves in Hanoverton's Grove Hill Cemetery. I'm sure when they cashed in at the scrap yard they got enough money to buy a few rocks for their crack pipes and maybe even enough to buy a bag of pot and a few oxycontin.

On Memorial Day we went out to Scenic Vista Park for a cookout and found that somebody stole all the charcoal grills for scrap.

We have a large segment of our society that is completely worthless. Of course, when they are caught they will receive counseling and go into drug rehab at the taxpayers' expense. Most of these people are already receiving a government check because they are dysfunctional and they won't work.

They were brought into this world free of charge, live in subsidized housing, have all their medical care paid for and of course they got their food stamps and an assortment of other goodies. Our apologetic liberals claim they never had a chance and this support just perpetuates the system.

To the hardworking entrepreneurs who are trying to make this country a better place our government is burdening them with regulations and crying, "share the wealth." I wonder how much longer we can survive.

Lloyd Berresford




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