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We the victims

May 21, 2012
Morning Journal News


We have often heard the expression: "Politics as usual." The phrase is usually in reference to politicians spewing out the same old rhetoric. However, it is not just the demolition of the opponent of a particular candidate that is being sought.

The "Politics of Victimization" has been a strategic and advantageous method of gaining political power. By creating either fictitious or the social, economic and cultural formulas producing actual "victims," political ideological agendas have gained massive strongholds.

It is said the poor are victims of the greedy, women are victims of men and Republicans, the African American is the victim of the white, young women are victims of the insurance companies, and the middle class is the victim of the rich. There are those who are victims of banks, Wall Street or big oil and the elderly are victims of the Republicans. Even the Earth has not escaped the political siege and is said to be in catastrophic detriment of imminent destruction and eternal extinction at the hand of humans.

As to the Earth and its imminent demise at the guilty hands of humanity, the message is that if humans were just not here at all, the Earth would not be at risk. Or at the least our numbers should be kept in control through abortion, sterilization or otherwise so that the Earth can survive humanity's evil existence. The more moderate may settle for us just going back to the Stone Age, or least most of us, excluding themselves of course, to save the Earth. The political religious agenda of humanism advocates has successfully removed God from the consciousness of the masses, leaving only mankind to better yet, just themselves, to be God and savior of the Earth and mankind.

Are you a "victim" yet? Give them some time, you will be. The political strategy of creating victimization for political advantage not only diminishes the real disparities of true victims; it sets in motion a generational curse of continued entrapment in the clutches of disablement. The political agenda that thrives on masses of people being in a real or perceived position as "victim" for political advantage, propaganda, manipulation, usury, power and enslavement is diabolical and evil.

At its core, "Political Victimization" of people groups, ethnics and cultures is dehumanizing, removing the God-given dignity and individualism of the person; replacing it with an embodiment of despair, self-deprivation, hate, dependency and a cancer of inability that suffocates the human spirit. You are left only to seek refuge in the shallow and empty political rhetoric of the very ones who set the stage for your plight for their own advancement.

If you discover that you are a "victim" of this diabolical entrapment and enslavement, you are on your way toward "freedom." May God reaffirm your dignity of self and His gift of "freedom" to be set free from the slavery of politicians who do not seek your betterment, but instead your serfdom.

Mark E. Guy

East Palestine



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