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More than one way to win

May 11, 2012
Morning Journal News


In response to the Morning Journal's editorial on May 8 "What's the problem with asking to see some ID?" It's very simple, the voters can't vote more than once.

Joe Kennedy engineered the theft of the election with collusion from the Chicago thugs in 1960. More recently Al Franken stole the senatorial election from Norm Coleman in Minnesota. Lyndon Johnson showed the Democrats how to do it. When he was running for the Senate in Texas against Coke Stevenson the votes were counted up in Austin and Stevenson won by about 40 or 50 votes.

Johnson called his old buddy George Parr in Duval County and explained his dilemma. Parr controlled all the drug trade from Mexico as well as the bootleg whiskey and the prostitution. He was called the Duke of Duval. He was also the Democratic chairman of Duval County.

Old George went out to a couple of cemeteries and copied over 100 names from the tombstones and informed Austin that he had found a ballot box that had not been counted. He then sent in a revised count. Lyndon Johnson won by a little over 30 votes and that's how he got the name "Landslide Lyndon." Johnson's opponent was enraged and demanded that the FBI and the Texas Rangers go to the Duval County Courthouse in San Diego, Texas and impound the ballot boxes. Unfortunately before they got there the courthouse burned down. Old Lyndon was a good teacher and you can bet that with Rahm Emanuel entrenched as mayor of Chicgo that in the presidential election his goons will vote early and vote often upholding Richard Daley's tradition of corruption and deceit.

Lloyd Berresford,




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