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Can we keep it?

April 4, 2012
Morning Journal News


Cal Thomas recently wrote a column with the headline "The God gap in American politics is growing wider."

Mr. Thomas speaks with direct bluntness and tells it like he sees it. He speaks with the conviction that can only come from a person of true faith. He is concerned, as we all should be, with the condition and direction our society is heading. Without God in our lives we become unaware or tend to disregard the greatest rules of human behavior ever set before man, "The Ten Commandments."

I quote Mr. Thomas: "Materialism and pleasure contribute to social decay. Social decay precedes national decline. He goes on to say these have become "our twin false Gods, contemporary 'golden calves,' as unable to produce satisfaction as the idols in biblical times."

Our leaders in Washington are afraid to ask the people to make any kind of sacrifice in our lifestyle. Our clergy are afraid to mention these problems for fear of making their flocks uncomfortable. He goes on to say, "Too many ministers and priests allow the secular world to influence their preaching."

Are we proceeding in the direction of the Roman Empire? Their empire lasted 500 years before collapsing from within. Every empire or society has a terminal life span. I would hope that our republic which has existed just slightly over 200 years hasn't reached that point of no return. We as individuals should take a few moments to take stock of the situation.

Whether our younger generation is up to dealing with these problems, I don't know, because through no fault of their own they were born and raised in a liberated society and many tend to resent our capitalist system of government, believing there is a better way of sharing the wealth. I would ask any of our learned young people to come forth and show me any form of government that will offer the individual freedom that the capitalist system offers. We have a democratic system with a big brother Republic watching over us. I'm afraid until we have experienced the loss of personal freedom we will never know the tragedy of it.

Those words of Ben Franklin keep coming back to me. He was asked by someone, "What kind of government are you making for us?" His answer, "A Republic, if you can keep it."

Leon White




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