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World views

March 1, 2012
Morning Journal News


Concerning all of the controversy over the abortion / contraception issue, this is really about two diametrically opposed religious worldviews, the Secular Humanist worldview or the Biblical worldview.

The Secular Humanists who are currently deeply entrenched in our media, government and educational system place no separation between "their church" and state, only between the Judeo Christian church and state. The Humanists believe that every life or potential life is a burden on society as a whole, another mouth to feed, another body that must be housed, clothed and medically cared for. That is why they treat abortion and contraception as "women's health issues," because they look at pregnancy as a disease. This same humanist worldview covets our tax dollars while ignoring the fact that every child born has the potential to work and contribute to the tax system.

The Biblical worldview in the other hand sees every child conceived as a blessing from God, having the potential to be the next Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein or discoverer of the cure for cancer, aids or diabetes. That child, no matter the circumstances of their birth, could grow up to be a great teacher, leader, doctor or scientist that has unlimited potential to change the world for the better.

This worldview clearly and directly contributed to causing the United States to be the greatest nation on the face of the earth, providing liberty and opportunity for all those who have been blessed to enjoy life here. The humanist worldview on the other hand has been working successfully to destroy the very fabric of this society for nearly 100 years.

Duke Bennett




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