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Not willing

February 7, 2012
Morning Journal News


The Beaver Local School District is at it again.

The new superintendent has not been on the job a year and it's back to costly special elections. Are they hoping to sneak it in because of low voter turnout?

There was a meeting at the Rogers school. At that meeting "destroy" was used to describe the school buildings, not sell. They want to "destroy" these buildings so a charter school doesn't move in. They have to be offered to schools first if sold. They don't want competition to move into those perfectly usable buildings.

I walked through the high school in December. I recommend for everyone to go see this building and ask yourself is it ready for demolition.

They want to demo a block building to build a block building. If they are good enough for a charter school or maybe even a PA Cyber then why aren't they good enough for Beaver Local?

Why is there only a Plan A and never a Plan B offered to the taxpayers? If we need elementary school buildings then why aren't they doing like East Liverpool and build the building they need, not a whole complex.

Our economy has gotten worse in this area and unemployment is up and would be higher but now the people who can no longer collect have dropped out of the count. Four out of 10 ( 40 percent) of Ohio students get a free school lunch according to a article. Is the district paying attention that the community can't afford more?

Are you BLSD superintendent, teachers, bus drivers, etc. willing to take a pay freeze for 23 years? Willing to not go on strike? Willing to give up your 100 percent taxpayer funded pensions for 23 years? Willing to pay higher co-pays on your health insurance so the district won't be operating at a deficit so you won't take the taxpayers of this community back to the ballot box while we are still paying for this bond issue?

I will be taking a 23-year pay freeze if property taxes go up. We were priced out of our health insurance and only have a catastrophic plan. I bet you would strike if you had to pay a $5,000 or more deductible and not even have the luxury of having a co-pay.

I see on TV at least five times a day commercials for E-Cot and K-12 on-line schools. I know two families who are right now considering this for their children. You spoke at the Rogers meeting of not being able to wire old buildings for computers, that they are analog buildings in a digital society. It's a wireless society. It is also becoming an on-line learning society. They provide free computers, field trips, etc.

Taxpayers, we need to consider this when we go the the ballot box. Will there be a need for a complex like this if families are choosing on-line learning?

Drive through Midland to see all the renovated buildings. Most were renovated by PA Cyber, another on-line school which as taken many students from East Liverpool. I thing taxpayers need to really consider if in 10 years are we going to have enough enrollment to pay for the new complex or will we still be paying our property taxes on a building while today's graduates will be sending their children to an on-line school.

Sherry Kissinger




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