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February 3, 2012
Morning Journal News


I have never made my Libertarian views a secret and never will. Now as we race into the state primaries the mud slinging is already full force from calling one candidate a "fringe" candidate to declaring themselves the only one electable.

I admit I voted for Barack Obama because I believed his lie about being a voice for the people, and I did not want Sarah Palin in office, but fool me twice shame on me. Most people do not want him back. Sure he had some good ideas but you can put a blindfold on a chicken and he'll go in the right direction at some point.

A big issue this year has been about being conservative in the issues of gay marriage and abortion. No one has apparently considered that to force a mother to carry a baby full term in many cases puts both the mother's and child's lives at danger. This would make them as much attempted murderers as are pro-choice and many gays kill themselves each year because of refusal to accept them. You see the Christian conservative is not the only true Christian view.

Why are these two issues even the main focus when the jobless rate is so high? We as a nation are trillions of dollars in debt, the government is still needlessly spending our tax dollars, our freedom is slipping away. We just got out of war where most agree our forces were weakly dispersed.

How well has the mainstream Republican and Democratic parties really led this country? Consider our monstrous debt, how many of us can even count to one trillion? Richest country, we are no more. A lot of changes could be shocking but how long do we want to act like an old wind-up toy walking against a wall going nowhere. If you intervene on a drug addict they will hate you at first but later they will love you.

We have to be turned in another direction because if you only do as you've always done you will only ever see the same results. It's easier to say there is no one worth voting for than to study the candidates but please do so, it's time for a change.

Elbert Householder




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