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Responsibility lies with people

December 7, 2011
Morning Journal News


I pick up the paper every day and read about another dog attack. I would like to address the people who chose to own these dogs.

They call pit bulls, boxers, bull terriers, etc., "bully breeds" for a good reason. My dog is a sweet, smart, gentle part of my family, would lay down her life for me or my grandchildren. I did not want this dog at first, but family responsibility comes with some surprises sometimes. When this tiny little puppy came to my house I did not want any part of her ... you see, she is a pit bull.

I have come to realize that it is how you raise any dog as to how they turn out. I went and got books on these breeds when I came to realize I was going to be her owner. You do not let them run loose, you don't take them to a dog park and expect them to act like a poodle, and you do not under any circumstances think you know how they will react to strangers.

Just because my grandchildren can take the bones right out of her mouth and she not turn a lip, I can guarantee no one else should ever do that.

I am not preaching but if you choose to have pets, be a responsible pet owner. Please confine your dogs. Just because you love them, other people might not. Do not let them be put to sleep due to your stupidity. Please do not judge all dogs by the ones you read about in the papers. You are seldom going to hear about the good ones. Just like kids.

Deborah Flannigan




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