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10% solution

November 16, 2011
Morning Journal News


This is for the Hon. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio.

While you people in Washington are still fussing around and playing your usual game of politics, how about taking a break, light up the peace pipe, sit back and listen to what a guy who lived through a Depression and four years of war has to say.

I don't believe anyone if willing to apply the least amount of common sense can deny this country is in very serious trouble. If we are to survive we must find a way to balance the budget, stop printing money and attack the massive national debt, which is zapping the very life out of our economy.

At the moment we are a republic of people for the people and by the people. And if we are to remain sovereign every person of age must shoulder his share of responsibility and be willing to make a reasonable sacrifice.

For a start I recommend the government reduce all retirement benefits, including Social Security, by 10 percent. The one exception would be the military disabled.

This could only work if the majority of Congress and the president get on board, thus reducing the screams from the public. If should be argued and finalized behind closed doors.

I certainly am no economist, but it would seem to me with 10 percent less money being circulated, commodities would have to compete for those fewer dollars and the consumers would benefit, which would tend to level the playing field.

This may also help reduce inflation. Sometimes the simplest fix can solve the most complex problem.

If by chance the good senator takes the time to read this letter and would care to respond, please don't do so with a form letter. I am only interested in your opinion of what I have suggested.

Leon White




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