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A vote against

October 26, 2011
Morning Journal News


The letter "Are you smarter than a fourth grader," suggested even a fourth grader was smart enough to take the Ohio School Facilities Commission money to build a $39 million school at United Local. If United taxpayers don't take the money we must be stupid was the gist of the letter.

This kind of fatally flawed logic is what got us $14 trillion in debt nationally, $33 billion over income in Ohio and imposed ever higher county, local and school taxes on the 53 percent of our citizens who actually pay taxes. Fourth graders always take "free" money because it comes from someone else and since they never actually earned any money they see no reason not to spend anyone and everyone else's money.

It is painfully clear the government earns no money. They only get it from taxpayers. All the OSFC does is spend or give other people's money to local school districts. School administrators are just like fourth graders and believe taking other people's money or at least 75 percent of the $39 million to build a new school is a really good deal. When the OSFC makes the same offer to other schools, teachers and others who think like fourth graders jump up and say its "free money." No, it is not. The money they entice you with comes from all taxpaying citizens.

Somewhere, someone, sooner or later must say no to the runaway government spending of taxpayer money.

As a former teacher, current parent and business person who is a resident of the United School District we need to know this is no free lunch. Someone somewhere has to cough up the money for the "fourth graders" wish list.

In our throwaway society, older buildings have some limitations but all the new buildings, school or otherwise, are not perfect either. An example is the new county Municipal Court that has leaked since constructed and now after five years needs a $500,000 roof that we are paying for.

I've never met a politician, school administrator or fourth grader who doesn't enjoy spending other people's money. The question is do we the taypayers in United District really need (at a cost of $39 million) a new school?

Parents and teachers are the people who cause education to happen, not shiny new things that fourth graders like. I believe we can just say no to excessive spending by governments and schools.

People, particularly politicians, bureaucrats, school administrators and others in the public sector never have enough money, which means never enough of your money. You can bet they will need more of your money for operating levies (see Leetonia) in the very near future. They, like your kids, want and need your credit card and will pay a PR-consulting firm to tell you almost anything to get it.

They will put this levy on the ballot numerous times (see Beaver Local) and spend your taxpayer money for special elections while hoping only a few people will show up to vote and you won't know about it. The money spenders are a whole lot smarter than fourth graders in their efforts to get your tax dollars. Thirty nine million and more-Just say no.

Jim Russell




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