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October 24, 2011
Morning Journal News


I have been listening, watching and reading to all comments made on the United Local bond issue. At least two letters on the subject made absolutely no sense to me at all.

The letter from Sue Drotleff talking to fourth grade students from another school district. Are you kidding me? Or is it that they maybe are the only ones who she could corner to listen to her? I wonder just how many voters has she had to explain her little button to? Smarter than a fourth grader, yes, all of us out here are, Sue.

Next, what in heavens name does buying a new car have to do with the school issue? Anyone who has ever been able to acquire a new car is very much aware that when you drive a car off of the lot, this car can depreciate up to 40 percent of its value. This happens in just 5-10 feet or 1-5 seconds, how about it? So, where does a school come into play?

The money the state of Ohio is supposedly offering us ... remember no one ever gets anything for nothing. Tobacco use and its taxes are where this free money is coming from. Tobacco is a crop our government pushed for our southern states farmers to grow and cultivate. Now the government is blowing smoke at us; saying they are against the use of tobacco, it is harmful to us. Tit for tat that is our government. Free money ... someone paid for it.

Our country is known for our "freedom of speech" concept. How does Mrs. Rinto have the right to approach and complain to a New Garden businessman about his employees, stating their opinion against the school levy. Mrs. Rinto, you speak up for the levy every chance you get; even a union meeting at the school, so give others equal right to speak up against the levy. The business man reprimanded some of his employees because of complaining, a direct form of harassment on his part.

It seems to come down to two sides on the school issue. Those who think they need a new school and those who know they can't afford the new taxes that come with it. It is that simple.

Karen Weaver




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