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Not laughing

October 23, 2011
Morning Journal News


I think that politicians are hilarious. They repeat old jokes but the stories remain as funny as always; perhaps it's because the audience can easily be convinced it did not hear them correctly the first time. When the subject is taxes, the laughs never stop.

Democrats are portrayed as job killers because they want to tax the "job creators" (they used to be called "the rich"). The punch line is that 75 percent of the created jobs occur overseas therefore Americans are required to have a passport and be willing to commute in order to apply for one.

The job creators are said to be paying about 80 percent of federal taxes and 47 percent of those working for, or wanting to work for them, pay no income tax at all. The funny side of that is, in most cases, the gross income of the 47 percent is too gross; too low and tax exempt.

Listening to those seeking that job in the White House, the anti-tax people, I hear them convincing the 47 percent that life would be more fun is they paid a federal sales tax or a flat income tax. If any 47 percent'er still retains his sense of humor, he certainly must be laughing at that one.

I don't have a solution for our nation's economic woe. I'll bet the next president won't have one either; but that's not funny, is it?

John Jarvis

East Liverpool



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