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Green fraud

September 22, 2011
Morning Journal News


From the beginning I had suspected that this green energy initiative by the Obama Administration was nothing more than a scheme to funnel money to political contributors.

General Electric owned NBC and that network promoted Obama's campaign and in return GE received billions of dollars for manufacturing wind energy components as well as huge tax breaks. Solyndra's CEO contributed $500,000 to his campaign and fleeced the taxpayers out of $530 million in a fraudulent solar panel boondoggle. In one $20 billion green energy program that failed a total of 3,200 jobs were created at a cost of $5 million per job.

A four star Air Force general was asked to suborn perjury before a House committee concerning the effectiveness of a broadband system under consideration by the Department of Defense. He knew that this system would disrupt the GPS on our missile delivery system and compromise the defense of this country. But the CEO of that company was a big political contributor and the FCC was ordered to put approval of this system on a fast track ahead of Verizon and other competitors with more efficient systems.

This is nothing less than treason. Herbert Spencer, that great English philosopher, once remarked, "It is a truth perpetually, that accumulated facts, lying in disorder, begin to assume some order when an hypothesis is thrown among them."

Well, the accumulated facts have been assembled Mr. Obama and the hypothesis that this administration is corrupt to the core has been proven. What a national disgrace.

Lloyd Berresford




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