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September 15, 2011
Morning Journal News


New neighbors moved next to me at Guilford Lake Estates a few months ago. They have two dogs, a little one and a huge boxer. I have found this dog running around loose outside before and brought it back to its owners.

Today I did the same thing and as I was walking from my yard, where the dog had been standing, two people walking asked me if it was mine. I said, "No, it is theirs," and pointed at the trailer. They told me that it had just killed a cat down the street. So I walk it to the door and told the owner what the people told me.

He said, "Aw man not again, it just killed a black and white one right there" and pointed to the edge of my property. He said the cat was playing in the brush and the dog attacked it. I then rushed over and it was indeed my cat, Nicky.

He followed just as my boyfriend was coming outside. He was making excuses like, "Well, I was walking it and the leash slipped off so I just went back in the house, I am sorry about your cat." They never have a leash on that dog. So I called the sheriff and he says there is nothing he is going to do, to just call the dog catcher. Well, what if a child is next, or me? I am pregnant with twins. As far as I am concerned that's why we have the dogs at large charge, right?

Why is our sheriff not doing his job? Is it because I live in the trailer park? I want answers. Has anyone else had this happen to them? If so, something needs to change.

Jamie Torres




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