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Very sad state of the union

September 12, 2011
Morning Journal News


Our government had become dysfunctional. In order to put us on the path to fiscal responsibility and to avoid inevitable bankruptcy we have to deal with the biggest three entitlement programs: Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

The Republicans, except for a few pragmatists in the House like Paul Ryan, won't advocate reform in these areas because 2012 is an election year and this will be ammunition for Obama to scare the elderly. The Democrats won't move on these issues because they want to continue borrowing and burden future generations with an insurmountable debt. There is only so much that can be chiseled from discretionary spending and unfortunately they're going after the Pentagon and compromising the defense of this country.

The Obama administration has no accomplishments to run on for the 2012 presidential campaign. A billion dollars will be spent to assassinate the character of the Republican candidate and declare his or her insensitivity to the entitlement seekers. Another component of the campaign will be the attack on the wealthy and their unwillingness to share. It will be class warfare at its worst.

Meanwhile, Americans will languish in unemployment and dismal economic news as factories close burdened by regulations and the wait for this Obamacare mess to play out. Nothing will be accomplished in Congress and we'll be in for another year of misery. What a sad state of affairs.

Lloyd Berresford




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