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Listen to me

September 7, 2011
Morning Journal News


Why is it that when the Congress and Senate decide to cut the national debt, the first things they look at are Medicare, school aid, help the poor items, help for small cities, help for small businesses and every thing that impacts the citizens of this country. When they get to Washington, they forget all the promises that they made to get elected and follow the orders of the entrenched politicians. They spend the next four years trying to get re-elected.

One area that they don't look at to make cuts is foreign aid. Do you know that we send $67 million to Russia? We send $7.6 billion in aid to Israel, Egypt and nine other countries. They don't tell you how much it costs to support military bases in Germany, Spain, Japan, South Korea, England and the Philippines. If we closed those bases, we could save more billions.

The only friends we have in this world are England and Canada. If Mexico could get rid of the corruption and help raise the standard of living for their people, they could become good partners with us.

Do you know that congressmen and senators have doubled the number of aides they have in their offices in the last 10 years. Why do they need 30 aides to schedule meetings, answer correspondence and help write legislation? We could reduce the cost of government just by reducing this number. Why do the congressmen make trips to visit the foreign countries? Do they think spending two or three days over there make them experts in dealing with those countries?

The best way to improve our government is to have term limits. Two terms and you are out. That would help reduce the influence of the lobbyist. I tell my wife that if they would just listen to me, this country would be better off.

Robert McElroy

East Palestine



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