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Government serves the people, not the other way around

July 5, 2009
Morning Journal News

Several people in close association with the Journal are active in the theatrical world. It is not uncommon to hear them lament concerning the failure of other actors to appear at rehearsals or to learn their lines. In other words, they have not played their proper role.

Government should pay attention.

Just as everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but uses them differently according to the priorities that work best for themselves and their families, so do people have financial priorities that work for them but may not be beneficial to other families.

This may mean tradeoffs. For example, a family may sacrifice gas efficiency for the convenience of an SUV that easily transports the wheelchair of a handicapped family member.

The average family does not need the government to tell them what light bulbs to purchase, what windows to install, what appliances to buy and the like. What they do need is a relatively stable economy providing dependable jobs in an environment in which the inevitable progression of inventions and technology are easily absorbed and not devastating to entire industries or job sectors. Within that realm, people should remain free to make choices that work best for themselves and their families.

Government is not an understudy for everyman. It should stick to the role it was assigned by its founders. Only then will it hear the applause of the crowds.



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