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Hanoverton woman indicted for fatal accident

May 31, 2014

LISBON —A Hanoverton-area woman has been indicted for allegedly causing a Jan. 19 traffic accident that left three people dead and six others injured. Rachael K....

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Jun-09-14 8:14 PM

I have never known any newspaper to have a "comment" section on an Editorial. I am glad you wrnt "off topic" because I agree 125% with the latest editorial of the MJ! The Obamination is acting more and more like a dictator and it is a disgrace of freeing the 5 taliban! The soldier deserted not once but 3 times- 1x in California and 2x in Afghanistan. Walked himself right into a taliban village and more or less surrendered to the enemy. Other soldiers wete killed looking for this piece of crap and our muslim prez has his radical father standing beside him on national tv praising allah. People this country is in big trouble our elected officials will not even stand up to a so-called president who blatently breaks the law!! So much for our Congress!! Obama should be impeached!!

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Jun-09-14 7:07 AM

*** Off-Topic ***

So, what's the deal with no comments on the editorials? MoJo staff afraid someone might disagree?

Spanks to Editor.

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Jun-08-14 11:36 AM

so what point am i missing? the one where you cause a fatal accident that kills three people you should just go home to your family and get on with your life 1 nobody here said she should spend twenty two years in jail, nobody here said she was totally to blame but if you think she shouldn't spend one day in jail, your as ignorant as your comments had

"SHE" not gone left of center "NO ONE WOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED" PERIOD

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Jun-08-14 11:36 AM

so what point am i missing? the one where you cause a fatal accident that kills three people you should just go home to your family and get on with your life 1 nobody here said she should spend twenty two years in jail, nobody here said she was totally to blame but if you think she shouldn't spend one day in jail, your as ignorant as your comments had

"SHE" not gone left of center "NO ONE WOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED" PERIOD

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Jun-07-14 10:57 PM

One person made a choice in this situation to take her eyes off the road for whatever reason and ended 3 lives and messed up a lot of others lives. Like I said previous comments. I feel for her and her child and her family but it was her choice not to be watching the road and travel left of center. So yes she should be punished. And not matter how much time she gets out of this will bring anyone of the deceased back but maybe it will open others eyes to pay attention when you are driving because if not there will be a punishment to follow. At some point we have to stop all this wreck less driving and I believe the only way that is going to happen is to make the punishments stiffer so people will wake up and realize when driving a vehicle you MUST pay attention to what your doing...yes her child is going to suffer from her punishment, but at least his mother is still her. The Nign children don't have that same luxury nor do the Benzels.

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Jun-07-14 10:50 PM

She will have to live with the fact that because of her carelessness she took 3 peoples lives. But in return she should also have to face the punishment for doing this. Here is what is funny about some of these post. If the roles were reversed and it was your loved one or Rachael that didn't survive the wreck because the Nign's went left of center you would want them punished for this. But since they didn't buckle up you think she should walk away. That is not how this works. The person at fault for causing the wreck is the one to be punished. I think it is a disgrace that everyone is dragging down the Nign's name for not having on seatbelts or having to many passengers in the car when no one is making a huge ordeal over the fact that she went left of center causing the wreck and killing 3 people. And what of the Benzel child. Her parents didn't have a choice in any of this, nor did the small Nign children.

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Jun-07-14 10:42 PM

Ok here is my opinion. Seat belts don't always save lives. Most recent accident in hanoverton woman was wearing seatbelt and still died. I also believe if the Nign's had it to do over again or knew this was going to happen they would of taken out the extra time to buckle up and buckle everyone in the car. As well as I am sure Rachael would of stayed in her own lane of travels. I think it is great that she decided to buckle up and buckle up her child, I just wish she would of took the same precautions when she was driving and stayed in her own lane. I also feel everyone is going to be a little shocked when they come back with something along the lines of a phone being the reason for her eyes not being on the road. I also hope that a huge deal is made of that decision as it is for the Nign's decision not to buckle up. I also feel for Rachael for the decision she made of crossing the center line.

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Jun-07-14 5:35 PM

I do feel bad for the Benzel family, but had their daughter been buckled and not in a cargo area, there's a good chance she'd have lived.

As evidenced by their campaigning for a law which can pull over vehicles that have unbuckled children in it, I'd say they at least aren;t placing all the blame on Rachel.

If you think 22 years for 8 charges is minimal, you're nuts. Shouldn't even be that many charges.

You are missing the point, Butterflykisses. I am not posting about it being sad that she will serve time. I am posting that if that's what makes someone feel better, seeing her sit in jail, seeing someone else go without their mother, then they've got some flawed ideals. It's okay as long as you get to hurt someone back? Getting pleasure out of someone sitting in prison for an ACCIDENT is sadistic. You can say what you want about it being INTENTIONAL but she didn't set out to kill them anymore than they set out to be killed.

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Jun-07-14 1:23 PM

What about the parents that lost their daughter! They will NEVER get to see her again. Lindesmith will do her minimal time and she will return to her family. Will she ever be the same, no probably not but neither will the Benzel's! It was listed as a homicide not manslaughter. Basically what that is telling you is that it was not an "accident" but intentional in someway, and that will come out later I am sure. It does not take four months for officials to haphazardly come up with these charges. So to "ThrowStones" think again before you post on the tragedy of Rachel not seeing her child for AWHILE....she will see him again! The Benzel's will "NEVER" see their beautiful daughter again or hear her amazing voice!

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Jun-06-14 10:28 PM

Is it really going to make the family feel better to watch a nice woman who made a mistake sit in prison?

If that's truly what helps their grief and they're able to sleep at night, well then, I am glad I am not them. Shows just what kind of a person someone is that they want a new mother to miss her child's life for 20 years because she made a mistake that escalated because others made mistakes too.

Keep in mind Tyler's accident could have been fatal too. Perhaps considering a view from the other side of the fence might change some minds.

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Jun-06-14 1:18 PM

I would like to know what RECKLESS act Rachel DECIDED to do while driving. Did she say "Hey, think I will go left of center and hit this car coming!". The only people who DECIDED to do RECKLESS things were the Nigns - no seatbelts, too many kids in the vehicle and in places where they should not have been - cargo hold. Now those were CONSCIOUS DECISIONS.

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Jun-05-14 6:15 PM

Rachael didn't wake up and decide to create a crash, she decided to do something "recklessly" while driving. The Nigns didn't wake up and decide to be involved in a crash but paid the ultimate price for their actions and for Rachael's.....but yet Rachael shouldn't pay for her actions???? Eight YOUNG kids, parents, grandparents, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, ect., please explain to them how it is that it would be fair for the CAUSE of this crash to not pay some type of price for her part in IT.PLEASE EXPLAIN!!! I am sure all families involved would like to know why she should not have to pay, their families have!!!!!!!!!!

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Jun-04-14 8:56 PM

Seatbelts or not Rachel is the one who went left of center resulting in a tragic accident.Granted their was too many people in the car and people weren't wearing their seatbelts,but they aren't the ones who caused the accident.Young children are left without parents and a child will be scared for life from witnessing the horrific accident.You're all full of ignorance if you think it's ok to criticize the Nigns for their decision on a public forum.Have you thought about their children,siblings,parents, and friends that are left behind? How would you feel if this happened to one of your family memebers?By no means am I saying that Rachel is a bad person, but I do believe that a person should pay the consequences for their mistakes.

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Jun-04-14 7:53 PM

Amen to the comment below! It's a tragic ACCIDENT! Rachel did not leave home that day to go to church with the intent to kill anyone! I guarantee she would never have left the house. Praying for both families involved!

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Jun-04-14 6:43 PM

Do people not understand how collisions work? Chances are neither vehicle ended up exactly where it hit the other. The speed could have propelled the vehicle to seem like it was more left of center than it was in reality. Actually someone can be involved in a collision and end up left of center once their vehicle stops.

No one is touching the fact that a sibling did the "alleged" same thing? I guess it's okay because luckily he didn't kill anyone and the car he hit wasn't overloaded with unbuckled passengers?

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Jun-04-14 6:34 PM

I sincerely hope that Rachel does not spend one minute behind bars!!My thoughts and prayers are with her.

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Jun-04-14 4:32 PM

The article above states "allegedly"!

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Jun-04-14 4:20 PM

You obviously don't know a*****thing about what happened If you're saying "allegedly went left of center." If you look at the vehicles post wreck you can see that she was more in the other lane than her own! I'm done with you idiots who have nothing better to do than throw your ignorant, uneducated two sense in. If anyone has anything else to throw in you can say it to my face and not behind a keyboard.

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Jun-04-14 3:55 PM

It is their fault when they neglect to follow the law and knowing get into the car and drive! That should be considered child neglect! Both sides at fault! But what a coincidence that the ones wearing their seatbelts lived! Besides Rachel "allegedly" went left of center.

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Jun-04-14 3:34 PM

As long as you have your seatbelt on it's okay to drive on the wrong side of the road. If the other people die it's their fault. I'm glad I know that now! I don't remember learning that in the drivers ed. What a bunch of morons.

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Jun-03-14 9:09 AM

I bet the victim in Tyler's accident had his seatbelt on! Good for you Tyler! You got lucky with that one.

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Jun-03-14 7:18 AM

December 15, 2009 Tyler Nign, 16, Bower Road, Minerva, was cited for reasonable control at 9 a.m. Saturday on Ridge Road in West Township after he drove his eastbound vehicle through a curve at a high rate of speed, and his vehicle went left of center and struck a westbound vehicle driven by Cody Coy, 29, East Canton. A passenger in Nign's vehicle, Zachary Nign, 10, Bower Road, Minerva, was transported to Mercy Hospital, Canton, with nonlife-threatening injuries.

So you're crucifying her for going left of center when you did the exact same thing? Or is it you're the only one allowed to make mistakes? If you hadn't been speeding distracted going on a curve & went left of center, you wouldn't have had an accident either. Or did you do those things on purpose? Now maybe you can realize why its called an accident.

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Thank your lucky stars your accident turned out different, or you could be the person that's being ostrasized for a mistake.

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Jun-03-14 7:08 AM

"Guess none of you have ever been in a hurry and made a terrible decision."

Your ending statement proves the point, Tyler. Terrible decisions were made on BOTH accounts, but you're only faulting one side.

At the very least, I am sure the defense will use the fact that if there was an appropriate number of passengers Rachel wouldn't be getting 8 charges against her. And that's not even considering the restraint issue.

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Jun-02-14 8:03 PM

The sad truth is, if you actually saw the car (or what's left of it) AFTER the CRASH, the Nigns were in, you would know it was up to GOD who survived that day, seat belt it not. STANDING STRONG BESIDE YOU TYLER.

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Jun-02-14 7:48 PM

The only thing I found when I googled Nign was an accident from 2009 involving Tyler Nign going left to center due to excessive speed striking another vehicle!

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