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Back in business

May 5, 2014

EAST PALESTINE —Had the village’s existing architectural design review board been operating a few years ago it would have prevented storage buildings on Market Street from being painted orange....

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May-08-14 5:10 PM

Bottom line...Elzer should NOT be holding ANY type of city/village or anything else office! When you see him out...ask him abt his taxes, ask him abt cleaning up all his junky properties... Mske him realize we are WATCHING! Idiot.

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May-08-14 9:36 AM

Makes me wonder why the others on council have not told him to clean up his properties and pay his taxes. His non-compliance is costing the school tax monies by not paying.

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May-08-14 7:04 AM's called take off those rose colored blinders and have a real looksy around town. Everything he owns is either a dump or not finished. Or needs the grass mowed, or the scum cleaned up or landscaped or name it and it needs it!So guess we will bombard this new Simon fellow and make him lay down the hatchet on elzer's dumps! Enough is enough...whoever was dumb enough to put such a disgrace on such a board to oversee property upkeep should be let go also. Utterly ridiculous! So, WE THE PEOPLE WILL MAKE SURE ELZER CLEANS US HIS ACT...PRONTO.

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May-08-14 6:59 AM

Unfortunately we are stuck with elzer till his next election time...but until then, ride his butt and make him follow the law, and the will of the people he was voted in to serve. And abiding the law means following village ordinances....means paying your property taxes, and it means NOT being crooked in the things you do and say. It means doing the BEST for the village of East Palestine, not the best for YOURSELF. Make him squirm, make him live up to being a good councilman (will take lots of work on our part)....then maybe he will either step down, or run out of town...and leave this village alone. Ride his butt about his run down properties...look them up online, take notes, come to council meetings and confront. Only way to get anything accomplished, it works it just takes diligence on the village people to see it through. Don't let him get away with anything. He was voted in to serve us, NOT the other way around!

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May-07-14 2:20 PM

I drive past there everyday and have never noticed open/broken windows.... Also there are at least 4 places downtown that have been empty for years.

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May-07-14 2:09 PM


you ask you got - go to this link and scroll down Donny boy is at the bottom - hummm funny isn't it at the bottom

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May-07-14 11:28 AM

I wish the paper would take a picture of these so-called leaders at a meeting,etc so we could all see what Elzer looks like.

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May-07-14 7:28 AM

If this new plan of attack on the city (so to speak) doesn't include elzer and make him clean up all his properties, then we know it's a flunky board...worth nothing. That's when whomever gets cited fights it, until elzer is made to comply also. I don't think come his next election time, he will make it, thank goodness. People have seen and heard enough from tis man. All I say is good riddance to bad rubbish.

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May-07-14 4:07 AM

If you ask me the smoke shop looks 10 times worst than the empty dining place also the run down empty gas station looks horrible. Anyone also see the building next to Pizza Hut ???? Guess since those places are not owned by wlzee then those are ok. I really see nothing wrong with skerball or whatever the name is.

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May-06-14 2:06 PM

think we need to start a campaign in town to vote Donny boy out...

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May-06-14 2:01 PM

well Donny boy what do you have to say? can anyone tell me where all his properties are? love to see the rest of his crap!! I had relatives in over the weekend and was amazed how crappy the downtown area is - one building was mentioned - you guessed it - the unknown dinning area - I am ashamed for being part of this village - instead I should have pride where I live!! why does this man have to run everything his way or goes crying if he doesn't get his way - wifey too...when will the people of ep stand up and vote this fool out!!

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May-06-14 9:49 AM

The people in EP keep voting Elzer into office. WHY??

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May-06-14 12:20 AM

How in the name of God's green earth did Elzer get appointed to this board? Now I know village council is either worthless or is completely under the thumb of this man. The person who has created more eyesores in downtown EP over the last five years, who is incapable of finishing anything he starts, is now in charge of determining what everyone else's buildings should look like. Can no one see the hypocrisy in this? The absurdity? I'll tell you right now, before anyone in EP does one single thing that the new building inspector requires of them, he better darned well first make Elzer clean-up and finish his properties. No one in the village should be ordered to do anything by the inspector until Elzer is, or it's all just a sham, and council, the manager, and the inspector will have no credibility whatsoever.

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May-05-14 7:45 PM

"a can of worms on 25 subjects" probably all elzers dumps. He can and should be the first on the list to clean his properties up or get fined!

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