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Hue and cry in Palestine

February 26, 2014

EAST PALESTINE — “Put it on the ballot!” That was the chant from the majority of residents who turned out for this week’s Village Council meeting....

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Feb-27-14 7:46 AM

Jumbo: The need to line your pocket must be very great, however, we shall see soon who the "crazies" are. Upholding or being a follower of someone who abuses his role of public office does tend to make people a tad crazy.....thank goodness for that, it means people are listening and taking in what this councilman is spewing, and not just rolling along mindlessly.

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Feb-26-14 10:57 PM

I'm voting yes and they aren't going to need a lot more of us to legally go through with this. Everyone I talk to in town is for it. Its just the crazies that show up to the meetings to voice their opposition. Keep in mind if you don't sign the paperwork you aren't getting your bonus. $$$$

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Feb-26-14 8:38 PM

What kind of people put some thing to a vote but only want those who are voting yes to come, um, most politicians ever. Who would expect not to be bullied into or attempted to be bullied into some thing they aren't sure of in this town. While I understand that they will drill under this town with or with out its approval, many are concerned, and understandably. But nothing will change if no one try's to change it. There has to be a time when you stand up for some thing. EPA? Really going to throw that out, they will approve or disapprove just like the FDA and other government agencies based on who is lining their pockets.

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Feb-26-14 8:01 PM

Pretty much it too, scared of change. Afraid of anything out of the ordinary. I don't care if they do have Billions of dollars, they dunno nearly as much as they think. Just like any other occupation. You think you know what a nurse goes through, but you don't unless you are one. Or a truck driver, think they're just jerks taking up the road, but again, unless you are one you just truly don't know. And I laugh at the dislikes cause they're the uniformed ones. Keep it up! :D

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Feb-26-14 4:26 PM

Learn to read Sydney they didn't want a non profitable water tower next to their property. Quit putting a spin on the facts.

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Feb-26-14 2:03 PM

When the owners of the oil companies embrace the fracking process itself, and allow it on their own property where they live, I'll believe it's safe. Right now the only thing they are embracing are the insane amount of money they're making from this.

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Feb-26-14 1:01 PM

I've been in the Industry for a few years now and have seen quite a few fracking sites. Let me tell you is safe! We should be embracing this. Don't be scared of change people!

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Feb-26-14 11:25 AM

I find it interesting that the CEO of Exxon Mobile filed a lawsuit to keep fracking away from his multi-million dollar estate. He stated that the water towers were unsightly and would decrease his property value. He also states that the water supply would be at risk. So, there you have it. The oil companies are actually admitting the dangers that fracking would cause. It's fine for us ordinary folk but not in their back yards.

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Feb-26-14 10:40 AM

So irritating to hear about "damages" fracking can cause. Anything in any situation can go wrong. We're only human and mistakes happen. Maybe if they were drillers or apart of a well service like my husband they would understand. Seems that they like to run their mouths about crap they know so little about. -_- smh

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Feb-26-14 10:22 AM

I have know Alan all my life, and his, and one thing he is not, is a liar. When someone has nothing left that is truthful or concrete, they resort to name calling. This is ridiculous, EP. Get your act together, and get rid of the thorn in your side.

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Feb-26-14 10:02 AM

So here's the thing, people. If you are a property owner, just don't turn in the form. Hold Mr. Elzer to his word. He keeps saying he would like to have 90% of the owners agree to do this before proceeding. So simply refuse to participate. Or better yet, put your name and address on the form and then just write a big NO on it in black marker before you turn it. Start a drive; see how many NO forms you can flood village hall with. If there are 2000 property owners in EP, as was mentioned at Monday's meeting, if Elzer is telling the truth about that 90% that he would like to see, then 1800 property owners have to agree to participate before they go to the gas companies. Frankly, I think Elzer and Monteleone will go to the gas companies anyhow, regardless how many names they get, once they hit that 65% of the land figure, that this is just their ploy to make the people think they have a voice. But what happens if they don't get any forms back -- or get over 1000 of them marked NO?

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Feb-26-14 9:56 AM

Cruiser - Kicked out of council for being untruthful? That would be elzer, a hundred times over. He got caught wanting to make money, illegally. That's a BIG no-no, my dear. When questioned, he emphatically answered he would "take what he could get"....That's NOT allowed with the office he holds. THAT is why the rush. Get it passed so he makes his money and leaves the majority of the residents high and dry. He is in it for the money making scheme to benefit himself. He showed that plain as day at the meeting. And luckily, EVERY single person there got to see his act of shame.

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Feb-26-14 9:31 AM

By the way Cruiser/Diane, good job defending your husband.

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Feb-26-14 9:22 AM

What I find strange is all the people who normally would be arguing to protect the Constitution and the democratic process are now the ones demanding we hurry up and do this without allowing the people to decide. If you are so certain of your cause, why not let the people vote on it? As Cohen pointed out, this process now is a sham. The only people asked to turn in the forms are those who already want this to happen. There isn't a "NO" box for the rest of us to check, there is just a "YES" box. It's like an election in a dictatorial country, when there is only one name on the ballot. Elzer and Monteleone are NOT really trying to determine interest in the village. They are collecting names to turn over to the gas companies to get their 65% for unitization.

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Feb-26-14 7:56 AM

1. Had you been at the meeting it was plain to see Elzer was called out. Period. He turned red, and squirmed so much in his chair he almost fell over. 2. His ethic are null, and he will pay for that soon. 3. The people spoke up, and Elzer just plain does not like opposition of any kind. 4. Every person that spoke brought up valid points that need to be address to the residents liking. Too bad this time....get ready for the fight of your career Donny boy. And all the drama and ridiculous posts on this forum will not take away what the people are demanding and are going to demand regarding this in the future.

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Feb-26-14 4:17 AM

Once again Alan telling lies to the public. Trying to scare the residents into not agreeing to lease property. Once again elzer proving Alan wrong and making him look like a fool for not doing his research before spouting off his rhetoric. Maybe those at the meeting learned something but I doubt it. If not it's easy to understand 1. Gas leasing doesn't harm your ability to sell or buy a house. 2. Fracking is already happening very close to town and we are not benefiting due to not having leases. 3. Fracking won't pollute our water. 4. Alan should be kicked out of counsel for not being truthful to the east palestine residents.

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