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Palestine still waiting for suitors

September 30, 2013

EAST PALESTINE — Untapped oil and gas underground in East Palestine may have potential but nothing is certain until a lease is signed, and for now it’s a waiting game....

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Sep-30-13 7:22 AM

The problem lied with the law director she dropped the ball. And we are not going to see 5,000$ to 7,000& an acre, Figley is dreaming to big.

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Sep-30-13 7:42 AM

Everyone knows that over a year ago, in August 2012, EP had an offer of between $3000 and $4000 an acre. Figley somehow convinced council he had a friend that could get them at least $5000 to $6000 an acre quickly, in a month or less. This was Bob Rea. Monteleone signed a contract with Rea and since then Rea has all but vanished. The mystery is why the idiots on council still keep listening to Figley telling them to wait, still saying how great Rea is over a year later. How dumb are these people to keep believing that line? Figley singlehandedly lost EP hundreds of thousands of dollars. We all should be asking for his resignation over this. I don't know if anyone can get EP a lease at this point, but trying anything is better than what Rea has gotten after over a year - ZERO! Figley and Elzer still say wait for this guy who won't even get in contact with anyone anymore. Makes you wonder: What's in it for them? Who are they in bed with?

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Sep-30-13 8:32 AM

Don't just take my word for it. Anyone can access online, at the EP website, the minutes of the special EP council meeting of August 20, 2012. It's fascinating reading. The meeting was very heated. Figley told everyone there he had negotiated with Bob Rea personally and Rea told him he could get EP $5850 an acre and 20% royalties. Figley said, "Mr. Rea told him time was of the essence." Right before council voted to go with Bob Rea, Scott Rauch, who resigned from council right after this meeting, suggested council should put a time limit on this "so it doesn’t go on for months." Nobody listened to him. So the one person who was skeptical, who was thinking ahead, is completely ignored and shouted down. When you read through these minutes it's clear Figley sold everyone a bill of goods, that it was his personal agenda with Rea that he was pushing on everyone. And everyone bought it. And here we are today, folks, with nothing at all.

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Sep-30-13 9:24 AM

Best thing this "bedroom community" could ever get rid of the city manager, and the council and get some fresh new people....and lose the stupid notion of bedroom's NOT benefiting anyone! No one in their right mind is going to move here...spruced lots or not....we have NOTHING to offer. What we offer is a bunch of country yahoos playing council (and mighty bad at that)

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Sep-30-13 10:20 AM

Wisser, Beagle, Cohen, and probably Tyger seem to want to move away from Bob Rea and look at other lease options. It was Wisser who tried to bring this up for discussion at the last meeting, but everyone pretty much ignored her. Cohen was not on council when decision to sign up with Rea was made, but from his comments he obviously wants to get rid of Rea and look elsewhere. So my question is this: If 4 of the 6 council members want to look at other options, what's the hold-up? Why do two guys - Figley and Elzer - always seem to be able to bully everyone into getting their way?

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Oct-03-13 11:24 AM

sounds to me three should go - Donny boy, Franny boy and Bobby boy!! thanks a lot boys!! move on councilmen and vote on this to get someone new to look at the lease...funny how many houses are for sale in this town - people are sick of it and are moving on - my father, grandfather and great grandfather would be sick to see what is happening to this place that they had their roots planted here...

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Oct-04-13 10:00 AM

jason so true - it always seems we are always behind on things - these other towns around us MUST have better people running their towns

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Oct-04-13 4:43 PM

i hear ya jason - still waiting on that fine dinning place to open up in town - lol what ever happen to these councilmen working for us - the town? not for themselves - back in the day you never had to worry about things being ran - people on council worked for the city and cared about the city - many things got done - now look we are such a joke to other towns around us

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