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A clearer path to transparency

May 3, 2016 Government officials and employees who want to keep secrets have a powerful tool at their disposal. more »»

Board, minus one member, must address this issue

May 1, 2016 It has now been nearly two months since Liverpool Township Police Chief Jayson Jackson filed a formal complaint with the East Liverpool city school board against Superintendent Melissa Watson,... more »»

No second chance in this case

April 30, 2016 Obviously, a police officer fired for stabbing her boyfriend should not be reinstated to the force. But she will be in Cleveland, a judge has ordered. more »»

North Korean threat is global

April 29, 2016 North Korea clearly is working feverishly to increase its military capability and to heighten worry about it among other world leaders. more »»

Another Paine in the . . .

April 28, 2016 “Common Sense,” written by one of the founding fathers, Thomas Paine, was something of a handbook for American colonists thinking of forming a new government in 1776. more »»

Alarm bells continue to sound

April 27, 2016 Tight-lipped investigators looking into the executions of eight people near Piketon, Ohio, have released few details of what they have found. more »»

Slap on the wrist hurts us all

April 26, 2016 Many Americans probably believe the First Amendment is our ironclad guarantee of freedom of speech. more »»

Just get rid of the mandate

April 25, 2016 What on earth is wrong with state government allowing Ohioans to buy the cheapest electricity being generated legally? Most Buckeye State residents probably would be upset at the thought such a... more »»

Still no relief from the pork

April 23, 2016 Remember when Congress said it was eliminating earmark spending? Absurd wastes of taxpayer money through pork barrel projects were going to be a thing of the past. Not so fast. more »»

Cuban policy not working

April 22, 2016 When he changed U.S. policy toward Cuba in 2014, despite widespread opposition in Congress, President Barack Obama insisted his goal was to improve life for the people of that island country. more »»

Maintain balance of power

April 21, 2016 It has been obvious for years that Congress should update the nation’s immigration laws. But lawmakers’ failure to do that does not give the president authority to override the statutes. more »»

This Brice is not right

April 20, 2016 Be very, very certain your vehicle registration is up to date if you are planning to travel through Brice, Ohio, in the near future. If it is not, it could cost you $750. Yes, $750. more »»

Delay, and it all goes away

April 19, 2016 Sometimes, sweeping unpleasantness under the rug does work. more »»

New tack in Korea needed

April 18, 2016 A new missile defense system will be deployed in South Korea, despite Chinese opposition. U.S. more »»

Government should not be a family affair

April 17, 2016 Nepotism — the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs — is a dirty little word that tends to resurface from time to time. more »»

Education plan could work

April 15, 2016 For young people, few issues are as interesting and important as finding ways to make college education affordable. Ohio Gov. more »»

Speed up income tax relief

April 13, 2016 Every dollar Ohioans have to send to local, state or federal government in taxes is a dollar they cannot use to improve their lives or those of their children. more »»

Kasich staying the course

April 11, 2016 In perhaps a demonstration of how ill-prepared Donald Trump would be to handle the realities and inner workings of politics on a national (let alone international) stage, he threw a tantrum last wee... more »»

Who do you think will pay?

April 8, 2016 How would you feel if, as you were about to pay for some bread and milk at the grocery store, the cashier stopped and said, “I’m going to have to add some to your bill. more »»

Let chips fall where they may

April 7, 2016 Politics rules everything in Washington, even at the top levels of the Justice Department. more »»



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