Kim must be stopped, literally


Diplomats sometimes engage in hyperbole to make their points. But what Nikki Haley, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said Monday may be the literal truth. Haley spoke during an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council. It was called after it was confirmed that North Korea has ...

No more breaks for ECOT


There is a certain amount of irony in Democrat Zack Space’s choice of an issue to promote his candidacy for Ohio state auditor. It is that in accusing some state officials of not doing their jobs regarding the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, Space indirectly gives the Republican incumbent, ...

Make sure it’s a safe holiday


Labor Day began in 1894 as a day for America to honor its workers. It has changed significantly since that time. In addition to paying tribute to our country’s workforce, it also used to mean the end of summer vacation for students and the beginning of fall and football. However, for some ...

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The best that is in all of us


For all the attention we sometimes pay to television and internet videos, still images continue to have more power to symbolize important events in our lives. The photograph of Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima and another of firefighters in a remarkably similar scene on the rubble of the ...

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No time for playing politics


It has been suggested by some that politics will play a role in how quickly and decisively Congress responds to the massive flood disaster occurring now in Texas and Louisiana. Democratic lawmakers may try to punish Texans for supporting President Donald Trump in the election last year, it ...

Real Americans step up


It has been suggested what is happening in Houston, Texas, now is a welcome diversion from focus during recent weeks on the very worst people among us. But perhaps we should think about the extremists responsible for violence across the country, including in Charlottesville, Va., even as we ...

Freedom of speech, not hate


President Donald Trump continues to be criticized, often in harsh terms, for suggesting earlier this month that white supremacists and neo-Nazis, while disgusting to true Americans, are not alone in using violence against those who disagree with them. Former Vice President Joe Biden actually ...

The epitome of an emergency


By one estimate, drug abuse claims an average of 11 lives each day in Ohio. A natural disaster — say, an emerging disease rampaging through the state — would be viewed as an emergency. Many in law enforcement and state government treat substance abuse as such a threat. But structurally, ...

Morning Journal
This marks the spot in Columbiana County where General John Hunt Morgan surrendered.

Pride in our history


We were dismayed to learn that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources decided to remove an oil painting of Confederate General John Hunt Morgan from its Salt Fork Lodge in Cambridge. The ODNR’s reason was not included in the Associated Press story so we’re not sure what their logic was ...

Afghans must pull their weight


No doubt leaders of Afghanistan’s government were delighted to hear President Donald Trump’s speech Monday night. Let us hope they listened to all of it. Instead of pulling U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, regardless of the situation there, Trump plans to step up military action against ...