Still waiting


I wish to set the record straight regarding the Journal’s election coverage. In the paper dated Wednesday, Nov. 7, it was reported that I was not available to comment on the election results.

I was available that evening, and every day since as well. I spent election evening with other candidates, Shawna Roberts CD-6 and Ray Wagner, Jr. and friends and supporters at a Salem restaurant. I received no phone call, no text, nor email from any Journal staff either that evening or in the days following.

Having been contacted in the past by the reporters, I feel confident they know how to reach me.

Had I been asked for a statement, these would have been my words: “While disappointed in the results, it does not change my resolve to work towards a Columbiana County that provides a quality education for all our children (including access to broadband), has jobs that provide a living wage, and has cities and villages that are prosperous once again.I will continue to fight for the people of Columbiana County.”

John Dyce



(Editor’s note: A reporter left a message for John Dyce on election night, but apparently the phone number we had was outdated.)