Despite all the ills, dump starts again


I really can’t believe that the dump in Negley has been permitted to start up again.

This dump, located uphill and above the village, was supposedly for construction debris only. This has repeatedly been called into question considering the terrible odors coming from the site when it was in full production in the past as well as the fouled water and foaming substances coming from leaks and springs in several places around the base of the dump site. Construction debris doesn’t stink.

Most importantly, many of the wells of Negley residents, their only source of water, are no longer drinkable. Oh yes, and 911 debris were dumped in this site.

Various government agencies designated to protect the health of people and animals — both wild and domestic — and the environment have been applied to over the course of several years to stop the dump. The Health Department regarding healthy drinking water and the Environmental Protection Agency gave the problem a brief/cursory look and then gave the project their stamp of approval.

Beaver Creek, a designated Scenic Waterway, runs close to the base of the dump hill. The questionable “ooze” coming from the dump in several documented places leaches into the streams feeding this protected waterway, so the Department of Natural Resources was applied to. They bounced the ball to the EPA.

In the end, there was a lot of ball bouncing from government agency to government agency with little interest or substantive investigation.

When I was growing up in East Palestine, many people would take water from a spring near Negley on state Route 170 and use it for drinking. It was the kind of thing where you seldom drove by without stopping for a drink. People brought containers and filled them up to take away.

When that dump started up, that heavily used spring was fouled. In 2016, I put up signs proclaiming that the spring was unfit for drinking. The signs were torn down.

So what do we do when our government permits unhealthy and harmful situations to take place and continue to our harm?

Harry John Herbert

East Palestine