Rebel supporter


I taught full time in the Crestview school system for 29 years and have been a volunteer teacher for the past 25 years. Teaching has been very rewarding for me personally. Based on my experience, I know how great the teachers, administrators and students are in our system.

I also know we must either repair or replace the supporting infrastructure. The buildings making up this infrastructure need improved safety, security, buildings and an updated learning environment. The cost is much more expensive to achieve this if we choose to do these upgrades without accepting the state of Ohio funds.

Please vote for the Crestview bond issue. Your vote will help our students immensely, and will be less expensive for taxpayers than trying to achieve these improvements on our own. We need to keep the Crestview school system one of the best in the state to assist future generations of students and continue to be a school district people want to move to and not out of. Your vote counts.

Elsie McConville

New Waterford