Reasons to back Crestview issue


As chairman of the levy committee, proud Rebel parent and community member I am urging you to support the upcoming school levy. There is a team of motivated community members working countless hours to inform the community about the bond based on facts. We are asking voters to approve a bond to build a new state of the art PreK-12 facility. The state is funding 88 percent of the project saving us, the taxpayers, millions of dollars. We have already spent $188,000 over the past three years trying to repair the failing heating system. The repairs are draining our budget. As a homeowner, you would go to the bank for a home improvement or home equity loan. As a school, we have to go to the public for bonds. We have not sought additional help since 1992. But unlike most homeowners, we have help with our project. The state is funding 88 percent of the cost of a new building, which is less than our repairs. The state will not pay for our repairs.

Let me put this in homeowner terms. Homeowner John Doe has a failing roof. The replacement roof costs $15,000 on a $100,000 home. The state knocks on John Doe’s door and says, “John, we will build you a new $100,000 home if you come up with 12 percent or $12,000.” I believe most of you would choose the new house. Immediately it saves John $3,000. Imagine all new appliances, new electric, new furnace, new water treatment etc. As a homeowner, you would have limited repairs for a few years. If John Doe doesn’t take the offer he will pay $15,000 for a roof, maybe $5,000 for water treatment, $6,000 for a furnace, etc. If John Doe declines the state offer he is paying more to repair his home versus paying less to have a new home.

This is the real situation we are facing on Nov. 6. We have an opportunity to build a brand new facility for less than the cost to repair our failing structures. Our district is a good steward of tax dollars. The district has not asked for a bond since 1992 and our Board of Education passed a resolution based on the concerns in the Crestview community to safeguard our investment. According to the resolution, if the bond issue passes:

the district will add two volunteer community members who are qualified and have expertise in building and construction management, or have engineering or Ohio Facilities Construction Commission expertise to the building and grounds committee. the architect on the project will hold meetings seeking input from the community on design and needs for the new facility the buildings and grounds committee will monitor the oversight of the construction in cooperation with the construction manager, project manager and financial managers from the state and local entities, in addition to the increased protections offered under the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission the committee will be responsible for warranty management and oversight and will report twice a year to the community.

An old proverb states that, “it takes a community to raise a child.” We as a community of Crestview must make it our responsibility and priority to ensure that the levy passes for the sake of our children. Therefore, I am humbly asking you to vote for the bond on or before Nov. 6. Polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Jason DeCenso


Crestview Levy Committee

New Waterford