He picks jobs


Mobs or Jobs. I’m not the first to write this phrase but when I first saw it in print it stuck in my head as being an exquisitely cogent and concise summation of the choice we electorate have to make Nov. 6.

While the Democratic Party is no longer the one your parents or grandparents knew (which in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing as all things must evolve or eventually fade away), the party has through its ineffectual and irresponsible policies and actions of recent years devolved into a desperate and feckless morass, simultaneously unctuous and bellicose. Having little to offer outside of supercilious platitudes and flagrant financial benefaction, the Democratic Party has not evolved but has rather devolved beyond obstructionism to outright destructionism (a word I made up but one that fits best), whether that be manifested in the politics of personal destruction or systemic deconstruction of the principles upon which this country has thrived.

On the other hand, compared to two years ago I bet you have more money coming into your pocket every paycheck, or you have a better job (or you have a job when you didn’t before), or you know someone that has both. That opportunity and optimism are greater than they have been for many years is not an accident. This buoyancy is rooted in a series of Republican Party tactical and legislative actions, the cumulative impact of which was quickly felt and continues to grow. (And if things are not so in your neighborhood then you have to look no further than to your local government as to why you aren’t participating in this national progress).

Neither side is perfect (as none of us are) but if you are looking forward to more destructive histrionics and outrageous shamelessness as manifested by the Democratic Party in the recent Kavanaugh confirmation “hearings”, or more molestation and bedevilment (or potentially worse) of our elected officials going about their daily personal lives, or increasing occurrences of discordant disturbance in our halls of government and local communities, as has been openly condoned and even encouraged by members of that party as a means to effecting its destructive ends then by all means you know who to vote for and what you will get in return.

Certainly nothing of lasting value. Or consider disregarding the Democratic Party whose values you realize are no longer your own. If you wish to personally and as a nation continue to benefit from a long and growing list of tangible benefits, to grow ever greater as a country then vote against Democratic Party endorsed chronic destructive rhetoric and duplicity and vote for a proven growing record of Republican constructive actions, results, and goals. Mobs or Jobs?

Bryan Fuller