No thanks


Being first cousin to former Lisbon mayor Joe Morenz, I can tell you first hand that he dearly loves Lisbon and only wants the best for our town. I know that he would continue to fight to clean up and bring more business and therefore opportunity to Lisbon, but dealing with certain people who could only stand in the way has taken its toll on him.

Nobody can handle such stress forever and one has to do what they can for their own health. It may be said in words but in truth it goes without thanks for getting involved in politics and trying to do what’s right by working through the system.

No matter your stance on issues or your vision for the future, you always have others with their own agendas that are in conflict. Joe will still have plenty to keep him busy between his business and real estate so he still won’t exactly have time to be lazy.

Joe is definitely a hard worker and he did his best for Lisbon. We can only hope that a future mayor can pick up where Joe Morenz had to sadly leave off. I know it was not an easy decision.

Elbert Householder