The frontline


Not unlike 1776, today God, country and revolution are at the forefront of the battle for these United States of America. Freedom and liberty bonded in faith and guarded with resolve remains vital to sustaining our republic. Conflicts of ethnicity, cultures, values and ideologies anchored in religious beliefs are the battlefields.

Theology and ideology profoundly reflect each other. Every ideology has intrinsically a declaration of a god, whether it is the One True Living God or a god which is sought to displace Him. Even the ideology of atheism inevitably faces an unavoidable resounding call to morality. Attempting to repel it “amoralism” is advanced to evade God defined morality. There has never been a purely atheistic society, government, entity or individual, in that by default they declare themselves to be “god.” The ideology of “Separation of Church and State,” as wielded by proponents of an anti-God society, is a skillful misrepresentation of the Constitution finding political arenas easy strike points to dismantle God consciousness.

The Democratic Party is in a continued revolutionary disclosure of its ideological core beliefs rooted in Socialism. It was demonstrated in a voted rejection of the inclusion of “God” in its Presidential Convention platform and its continued pursuit of ideologies in conflict with God defined order. It was further demonstrated by the massive support of a self-declared socialist in the 2016 elections and the current election of a New York candidate openly declaring socialism, the rejection of law enforcement and echoes of anti-Israel sentiments. Additionally, the diatribes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters continue to be the face and voice of what is openly called the Democrat Socialist Party.

The Republican Party is experiencing an ideological revolution distinguishing between the so-called “Establishment Republicans” and the expeditious advance of those which I believe can rightly be called “Conservative Libertarian Republicans.” There is also the advancing Constitutional Originalist Constructionists, meaning those holding to a straightforward reading and interpretation of the Constitution in the context of original intent and subsequently applied in current day law and precedence.

Today’s ideological revolutions nationally and globally express, shape and define who we are. Going forward we must remember these fundamentals. Ideology and theology are two sides of the same coin. Ideological positions have within their core theological positions. Socialism demands individual servitude to the god of government. There is no pure Atheism in that it declares itself to be god. Ideologies seeking to remove true freedom and liberty must inevitably displace God. Whether you are a Democrat Socialist, “Establishment Republican” or a Conservative Libertarian Republican ideologically, you simultaneously sustain a theology.

American patriots fought the War of Independence securing freedom and liberty bonded in faith, “One Nation under God.” It is rightly said: “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” Today, we continue the fight. God, country, faith and ideological revolutions are today’s frontline battlefields. Maxine Waters declared: “The Lord is on our side!” I ask: “Who is on the Lord’s side?”

Mark E. Guy

East Palestine