Unsocial justice


“Justice, justice shall you pursue….” of Deuteronomy calls for the pursuit of righteous justice that is much different from that which is being advanced in our society and culture.

The phrase often heard today is “social justice.” This form of social disorder has at its core revenge, covetousness and a distortion of judgment. Social justice activists, all too often through acts of anarchy, threaten our society to bring it to submission.

When anarchy is just too messy, another somewhat more civilized propagation of social justice is engaged through our educational system. Unfortunately, from the early grade levels to those of so-called higher learning institutions the code of social justice is deconstructing historical faith and cultural values, personal identifiers, gender identities and sexual orientations in order to mold a new world order.

What is biblically defined as “just weights” is that the scales are not tilted corruptly one way or another. Righteous justice does not tilt to the benefit of the rich because they are rich or the poor because they are poor. Righteous justice calls for two or more witnesses in order to bring a person to indictment. social justice seeks to tip the scales to the advantage of the ultimate outcome demanded.

The measure of how successful the advocates of social justice have been can be seen in all of our communities and on the TV screen. The mob mentality and its collaborative synergies are quickly ignited. Individuals are indicted without trial and are deprived of “innocent until proven guilty.” A construction of falsehoods is held to be as truth without deliberation. Claiming the weight of the accusation demands execution the finding of fact is held irrelevant.

Social justice and its underlying ideological depravities is a cancer that has infiltrated our culture. The absence of historical heritage, faith values, patriotism and family unity within this generation and those to follow will certainly leave them vulnerable to victimization. The cancer of social justice will continue to consume its host.

Historically, revivals have always in great measure looked back at what was lost in order to rediscover it, recover it, revive it and restore it. The biblical call to Teshuvah/repentance is a call to return. This Teshuvah is not just a ceasing from doing what is wrong, but a turning to do what is right. America return to what is right and just. “Tzedakah, tzedakah…”“Justice, justice shall you pursue…”

Mark E. Guy

East Palestine