I write today to inform the citizens of Columbiana who do not know that one of your own is being taken to court because he decided to have backyard hens. If you do not know, Richard Simpson is now in a legal battle with the city.

Wherever you may stand on one’s right to have backyard hens, please understand that the zoning infraction that Mr. Simpson is in perceived “violation” of is gray at best. That is why they are taking him to court to get a declaratory judgment against him.

He was never turned in for any zoning infraction, they took this action because he is a man of his word and tried to help navigate the chicken mess the city put us all through last fall.

Mr. Simpson served his country and he served this town for many years. He is standing for all of us. Please let him and others know you are behind him in this inane and unnecessary legal battle.

Tony Dolan