What matters


In his recent letter to the editor, Rick Straub of Columbiana questions “why it would matter” that Judge Ashley Pike drives a big Mercedes Benz to work every day. Good question.

It’s not so much that the judge drives a Mercedes Benz. It’s that he brags in campaign materials about being endorsed by the local UAW union while driving a foreign-made car. This in light of some 1,500 UAW workers losing their job at the GM Plant at Lordstown.

As a working man who belongs to the United Transportation Workers union, this just stinks. Pike ought to go right out and buy a Chevy Cruze automobile.

Mr. Straub, by the way, doesn’t mention that he is a registered Democrat who is not even eligible to vote for Judge Pike unless he changes his registration. So what’s his point? Why is he sticking his nose in a Republican primary race?

In that final analysis, the local Republican Party is opposing Ashley Pike not over the kind of car he drives. Nor for his lack of “judicial experience.” Rather, it is Ashley Pike’s lack of “judicial temperament” that is at issue. And his refusal to do anything substantive about the raging drug problem that is wreaking havoc all over this county.

As the opioid crisis mounts year after year, Assistant County Prosecutor Megan Bickerton is the only candidate that has a plan for dealing with it. It is a plan that Judge Pike flatly rejects either due to a lack of initiative or just his wanting to ride out another six years, running the court “his way.” Dare to disagree and watch out for the threatening phone calls and personal threats of reprisals.

As one of the most experienced prosecutors in the courthouse, who actually reports to the Democrat county prosecutor, Megan Bickerton’s plan is to attack this problem on day one by not only establishing a drug docket, but by “throwing the book” at the hardened criminal drug dealers roaming this county.

Judge Pike can retire with one of the most generous, six-figure public retirement packages imaginable. In exchange for this, the count can get on with tackling the horrific drug problem that has unfolded on Judge Pike’s very watch.

Jack Marshall