Uncivil matters


Does anyone know the answer as to who should enforce a letter to the neighbor in which the lawyer wrote to them? The neighbor put posts beside my right of way, decreasing the width from 12 feet to 9 feet. I called the sheriff’s department and they said it was a civil matter, get a lawyer.

So now the lawyer has written them a letter stating if he persists in interfering with my right of way, we have no choice but to file action of injunctive relief and private nuisance. But if the sheriff’s department or prosecutor does nothing concerning the letter, why should I pay more for paper if no one is going to enforce it?

Left a letter with the prosecutor’s office and sheriff’s department, asking whose job it was to enforce, with no answer from either. Guess phone and computer were not usable. Maybe by now I could receive an answer, if not, if I enforce this is it still civil?

Linnie Foreman