She noticed


Teenagers of today are constantly getting a bad reputation. Too often the good they do goes unnoticed. But, there is hope for today’s youth!

The Youth Group of the First Christian Church in Kensington showed the community just what Earth Day means to them. Though small in number, the six members made a valiant effort to clean up their town.

On Saturday, April 21, Paige and Autumn Fillman, April and Justin Clark, Eric Huffman, Kierstin Kloos and several adults cleaned up trash along state Routes 9 and 644 in Kensington. These kids showed they respect the land God has placed in their care.

I challenge others to show this same respect by not littering the countryside.

I wanted to commend these six teenagers for showing they care. They make me proud to live in Kensington and proud to be a member of the First Christian Church.

Barb Erb