Proper etiquette


“It’s auto show time.” But here in Columbiana County, it’s election show time based on recent letters printed in this column. Typical election action words such as “vengeful, shocking, hypocrisy, temper tantrum, demeaning, insulting, that is a fact, and thwarting the legal associative rights” are being disrespectfully tossed around in a lame attempt to belittle a highly respected, longtime public servant and sway public opinion.

All while the writer defends his attack based on etiquette and what car someone drives. We must assume that Ms. Bickerton is a qualified judicial candidate, so says the writer.

Unless you have been living under a rock, C. Ashley Pike’s record speaks for itself. I have had the privilege to fulfill my civic duty twice in his courtroom. Although I was selected as the alternate juror both times and ultimately released before deliberating, I could not have been more impressed by Mr. Pike’s knowledge of the law as it pertains to each case, his respect for all of the courtroom’s occupants (including those on trial) and his overall professionalism. As taxpayers, what more could we ask for?

With much of this newspaper’s print devoted to police reports and court news, county residents are fortunate to already have two highly qualified and experienced judges hearing cases within the Common Pleas Court … and that is a fact.

Rick Straub