Independent thinking


Today’s latest rendition of the Columbiana County Republican Party’s election brouhaha gives one good reason to register as an independent.

It has always been interesting to me that both parties seem to feel that we, the voters, lack the intelligence and good sense to make our own choices. Worse, in the current situation, the Columbiana Republican Party-Political Machine is resorting to shaking as many skeletons in the party closet as possible.

While that makes for some hilarious reading during breakfast and some humorous reporting for Tom Giambroni, it is detrimental to the integrity of the election process.

As I recall from the last election, Ms. Bosel had a few problems regarding her performance in office. I’m not sure who the young man from Wellsville needs to impress, but he did seem to scurry away from the idea of libel and couldn’t name sources for his accusations. One must wonder what other skeletons will be coming out of the closet before this debacle ends.

Meanwhile, I think it is time for me to change my voter registration. I’ve begun having nightmares about William Tweed, Tammany Hall and Cook County, Illinois. I just want to use my own knowledge and common sense when it comes to voting and not worry about the party stance or dance.

Marilyn A. Parkes