In Johnson he trusts


Your April 2 letter to the editor, signed by Jenny Rukenbrod of Lisbon, is the most unrealistic and subjective letter I’ve read in quite awhile.

Calling David Johnson a “Ringmaster” is not only prejudicial but inflammatory. And then to remind us all that he and his family, who provided hundreds of jobs and security to the area over the years, had to depart the “circus” to handle his family business financial hardship was uncalled for.

David Johnson has provided strong and dedicated leadership to Columbiana County. If she, Jenny, wants to complain, she should complain about leadership which David Johnson has and perhaps, she hasn’t.

She stated that David Johnson told her, “that Judge Pike was most certainly responsible for Ward’s interest in becoming the GOP chairman,” which she said, “was untrue.” Really.

Judge Pike’s judicial ruling, which many did call a prejudicial ruling, of the Salem Firefighters Union and the Buckeye Water District upset not only David Johnson but a host of Columbiana County voters.

Jenny then goes on to say, “there is much more to this story, which is ongoing.” More unsubstantiated information? Then she blames it on the The Humane Society of Columbiana County. A reminder of a typical loser’s comments following a defeat at the polls. Yes, as she goes on to sputter, “Unless death happens first, even the worm will turn.”

What this county, this country and all of us, who truly care about the future of the USA and Columbiana County, require is that we have strong, intelligent and dedicated leadership. David Johnson is all of the above, but first of all, a strong leader. And, I might add, a strong leader for Columbiana County and the country. For this, I thank God.

Ronald J. Price