If you write

The Morning Journal welcomes readers’ contributions for inclusion in the Letters to the Editor column. All letters must be submitted through our Virtual Newsroom or via email to news@mojonews.com. All letters must include a full address and telephone number for verification. Letters should submitted electronically and be 500 words or less. Handwritten letters will not be considered. Letters which drastically exceed the word limit may be rejected outright. It is not the responsibility of the newspaper to edit them to conform to length. No letters will be published anonymously. Writers must either live within the Journal’s distribution area or have personal involvement with an issue specific to our coverage area. Letters which refer to articles from other publications will not be printed. Only one letter per month per writer will be published. “Thank-you” letters are not accepted for publication in this column and should be directed to the “Card of Thanks” section of classified advertising. Poetry, form letters and political endorsements also will not be accepted. Letters failing to comply with these rules will not be published or acknowledged. All letters are subject to rejection and/or editing at the discretion of the editor.